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     For almost two decades, I’ve participated in critique groups, both giving feedback to other writers and receiving feedback on my own novels. Like all serious writers, I read books on the craft of novel writing, attended conferences, and took online courses. At some point, I began presenting at local conferences and at Wisconsin SCBWI events. Some of my presentations involved talking about story and novel structure, characterization and plotting. I even did a presentation on “getting stuck” in your writing.


     I’ve worked with a number of writers, privately or through Upwork, to help bring their writing to the next level. In 2014, I was the novel mentor for Wisconsin SCBWI.


     Contact me at if you would like to talk about your writing needs. I can provide developmental editing, which is essentially helping you with plot, structure, and characterization. Or, we could work on dialogue or pacing or overused words or clichés or whatever area you hope to improve. I am happy to look at your first three chapters, or your entire novel. Please note that I am most comfortable with YA or MG. (So, I can’t help you with non-fiction or your memoir.)


     I provide a marked up copy of your work with comments and suggestions (in Word or Google Docs) as well as several in-depth pages of analysis of what is working and what could be improved.


     My usual rate is $30 an hour, or we can work out a “by the project” number. We can work privately, or through Upwork, site that allows me to track hours automatically (but they do charge fees.)

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