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     Thanks for finding me! 

     My novels for teens are classified as speculative fiction, which is not exactly science fiction but not quite fantasy. They are fast-paced reads which start with "what if?"  Parallel universes, psychic powers--who's to say these things aren't real? 

     My new novel, Shadow of a Shade, is looking for a publishing house to call home. It poses the question of "what if your dreams are reality and your waking experience is but a dream?"

     Right? Speculative fiction likes to mess with your head, which is why I love it.

     My current work-in-progress started out as a near-future novel, but is quickly turning into a contemporary tale. Rest assured, though, there is a strong "what if?" element to it. The working title is One Hour. (Or maybe, One Hour of Freedom. Which do you like best?) 

     So, look around, read some excerpts, drop me a line if you like. 

     If you need some help with your own writing, check out my mentoring/editing services. 

     Thanks for visiting!


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